Dave Preston

My mission is to provide business owners with the vision to see where their efforts can really take them and them to work in partnership with them to make this vision or dream a reality.

A simple enough statement, but, like an iceberg, 80% or more of the story takes place out of sight.

Working with me and my colleagues,  you will be taken on a journey of discovery into the world of successful businesses and over the barriers standing in your way. On this journey you will find yourself filled with renewed enthusiasm for your business and the things it can deliver for you. I will take you to places you haven’t been before in order to transform the business and put you firmly in control of the strategy, the speed and direction of travel and the things which you have to get right to make your vision real.

You might feel challenged during the journey and maybe a bit unsure of your ground, but with me on your side and there to lend a helping hand, I guarantee you will make it to journey’s end safe and sound.

Henry Ford once said “If you think you can do something, you can. If you think you can’t do something, you can’t”.
Be one of those who can.

The ability to succeed is within all of us I will draw out your hidden abilities and help you apply them to achieve greater success for you, your family and your business.

About me

I am a Chartered Engineer, with a Batchelor’s Degree from Loughborough; I also hold an MBA from one of the leading business schools in the UK (Cranfield). I have more than thirty years experience under my belt in both manufacturing industry and management consultancy. I have operated at senior manager and director level in the corporate world, and I have also been a project manager for a leading performance improvement consultancy.  I have used many techniques for helping companies to effect a significant improvement in productivity and performance in a wide range of industries, from traditional manufacturing to television, and from food production to agricultural machinery. I have applied my range of skills, knowledge and experience to great success in a very wide range of industries. All this is put at your disposal when you work with me and my team.

I was inspired to the field of mentoring, coaching and consultancy because it offers a very rewarding experience for myself and those I work with, particularly in term of developing skills to cope successfully with the many pitfalls of business life. In our chosen niche areas, where change is exerting huge pressure on business owners, my influence and direction will ensure your success.
I would love to help you solve your problems and help you to overcome the issues you are facing both personally and with your business. I will travel with you and together we will move you to a better place.


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